Estate Planning Attorney in Marin County

Overview of Estate Planning

Creating an estate plan entails more than simply planning your “final affairs” in anticipation of your eventual passage. An estate plan should be viewed as a tool you can use to effectively manage your estate and financial affairs while you are alive, rather than relegating the plan to only being effective post-death. A quality estate plan is also a vital resource for your loved ones. It provides a valuable roadmap they can use to ensure your hard-earned assets and valuables are properly transferred to the next generation. It is fair to describe an estate plan as a gift that will provide benefits years down the road. 

The importance and long-term impact of an estate plan is why it is so critical for you to retain the services of an attorney who understands you, your culture and what you value. This is why you should consider hiring an estate planning attorney, since they will be able to truly understand what you want to achieve from your estate plan.

The Importance of Having a California Estate Plan

You are helping your family now, by creating a comprehensive estate plan in writing, in the event you are not later available to help them in person. Because death is not the only event that can keep us from our families, a complete estate plan guides your doctors and loved ones in caring for you and your assets if you are ever unable to do so yourself. Our experienced attorneys will work with you to understand powers of attorney, advanced medical directives, wills, trusts, and other available planning tools, and whether each is important for you and your needs.

Create A Personalized Will

Working with a Wills lawyer enables you to create a customized estate plan that is tailored to your unique needs, desires, and long-term objectives. You will not be confined to the cookie-cutter estate planning documents that are available to download for free online. A skilled estate planning attorney will help you craft a plan that considers an array of potential future events, conducts a thorough assessment of assets, and will work to structure an estate plan to provide protection and peace of mind for you and your loved ones. 

Receive Assistance from a Marin County Trust Attorney

If you are looking for a respected and reputable estate planning attorney, consider contacting Castro Law Offices. Codi M Dada is a talented and experienced Marin County trust attorney working as of counsel with Castro Law Offices.  His in-depth knowledge of trust and estate law allows Castro Law Offices to bring you premier probate administration and estate planning services.

Speak with a Probate Lawyer In Your Language

Jeremy is bilingual and fluent in Spanish, and Castro Law Offices also offers services to Portuguese-speaking residents of California. Jeremy’s father hails from Columbia and only spoke to Jeremy in Spanish when he was growing up. Thanks to his father and extended family in Colombia, Jeremy speaks fluent Spanish and puts these skills to use helping Spanish-speaking clients in Marin County and elsewhere in California. When you sit down and speak with Jeremy Castro about your estate plan, you will immediately have the peace of mind of knowing that Jeremy understands you in your native language.

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