Independent Adoption Laws in California

Independent Adoption Laws in California – Important Info You Need to Know

If you are looking to adopt an infant child in California, you typically have two choices to complete the adoption – (i) work with an adoption agency or (ii) complete an independent adoption.
If you opt for an independent adoption, the biological-birth parent will select an adoptive family and voluntarily transfer legal and physical custody directly to an adoptive parent, or parents. The term “personal selection” means that the biological-birth parent will be provided a set of identifying information about the prospective adoptive parents, including their full legal names, age, educational background, chosen profession, etc.
Even though an “independent” adoption often conjures the idea that a biological-birth parent and adoptive parent do everything on their own. In reality, an independent adoption still requires the services of numerous professionals, including an experienced family lawyer in California. In fact, in California, the vast majority of independent adoptions are handled by an experienced adoption lawyer in California, in conjunction with an adoption service provider.

Unique Aspects of an Independent Adoption

When you pursue an independent adoption, you will probably note the some key similarities with pursuing an adoption with an agency. However, the process of an independent adoption has unique characteristics. Here are just a few:

  • Your independent adoption must be open – In California, when an independent adoption is pursued, both the biological-birth parents and adoptive parents are required to exchange personally identifying information. This PII includes your full name and home address.
  • Screening requirements are not as thorough in an independent adoption – If you pursue an independent adoption, there are generally less screening requirements compared to an adoption completed through an agency. For example, an agency will typically require both the biological-birth parents and adoptive parents to complete adoption education and thorough background check and other requirements.
  • Independent adoptions are generally less expensive – The total cost to complete an independent option will vary based on your unique situation. You also need to keep in mind that a cheaper adoption is not always a better adoption.
  • Longer revocation period associated with an independent adoption, unless the biological-birth mother signs a Waiver of the Right to Revoke – When you pursue an independent adoption, there is a period of time in which the biological-birth parent can revoke the consent for the adoption. Generally, the consent will be finalized 30 days after the biological-birth parent signs the consent forms. However, there is an option for the biological-birth mother to sing a Waiver of the Right to Revoke, in which case their consent becomes irrevocable at the close of the next business day.

As you can see, there are an array of factors that need to be considered when deciding whether it makes sense to pursue an independent adoption. If you need help deciding, take the time to contact an experienced and knowledgeable adoption lawyer in Novato to discuss your options and the best path forward.

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