Family law matters can carry the potential to be some of the most complex and contentious; when dealing with issues related to divorce, child custody, spousal support, etc. It is understandable for emotions to run hot at times. This is why it is so important to have a steady and knowledgeable Napa family law attorney by your side throughout the process. Enter Castro Law Offices.


If you are a resident of Napa County, or reside near Napa County, and are seeking experienced and skilled legal counsel related to a particular family law matter, it is important to retain the services of an attorney familiar with the Napa County area, especially the Napa County Superior Court of California.

Jeremy Castro possesses a keen understanding of the Napa County area since he is a respected and knowledgeable Napa County lawyer. Jeremy attended Golden Gate University (based in San Francisco, CA) obtaining both his Bachelor of Arts Degree and Law Degree. Also, prior to opening his own law practice, Jeremy gained insight and experienced from Roberta Laub-Rode, a top-notch advocate with the Amigos Immigration Law Firm in San Rafael. While learning from Laub-Rode, Jeremy gained direct experience providing legal advice and counsel to numerous clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Adoption Lawyer Napa County

Adopting a child can, and should be, a joyous occasion. Pursuant to California law, the adoption process is generally comprised of two primary court proceedings – (i) establishing a legal parent and child relationship between the non-biological parent, or parents, and the child, or children, to be adopted and (ii) the termination of legal rights for one, or both, biological-birth parents.

If you are interested in filing the requisite legal forms to initiate a step-parent adoption, independent adoption, or other type of adoption, retaining the services of a skilled and knowledgeable adoption attorney in Napa County can help during the process. Consider contacting Jeremy Castro, a Napa County lawyer well versed in California adoption law, in order to schedule a confidential case review.

Child Custody Lawyer Napa County

Pursuant to California law, child custody is divided into two main categories – (i) legal custody and (ii) physical custody. The term “legal” custody is shorthand for referring to the decision-making authority of a parent. The term “physical” custody is shorthand for referring to where your child, or children, will be living during and post-divorce. Courts in Napa County and elsewhere in California typically presume both parents should have some form of custody over their children. Basically, this means, unless proven otherwise, Napa County judges tend to prefer approving joint custody, whenever possible. Nevertheless, in some instances, a Napa County judge may decide one parent should be awarded sole custody. To learn more, speak to an experienced child custody attorney in Napa County.

Child Support Lawyer Napa County

Pursuant to California law, parents are legally responsible for the financial needs of their child, or children. According to Section 3587 of the California Family Code, child support obligations continue until your child, or children, reach the age of majority (typically 18 in most jurisdictions). A parent needs to formally file a request for child support. Once the request is filed with the Napa County court, a judge will typically apply a formula that calculates the amount of child support that must be paid. You will be afforded the chance to negotiate the specific terms of child support, but if you are unable to reach an agreement with your spouse, a Napa County judge will proceed with applying the aforementioned formula.

The complexities associated with child support laws in California are a major reason why it makes sense to have a seasoned Napa County child support attorney by your side helping you through the process.

Divorce Attorney Napa County

The divorce process in Napa County can be complex, convoluted, and has the potential to be contentious. Even if, hypothetically, everything goes relatively smoothly during the proceedings, the end result of being divorced remains a difficult reality to accept for many people. In fact, going through the divorce process in Napa County is often considered to be one of the most emotionally and mentally challenging situations you may encounter, especially if the process is contentious and rife with disagreements.

The challenges and complexities associated with the Napa County divorce process is why it makes sense to retain the services of a respected and knowledgeable divorce attorney in Napa County. Jeremy Castro is such a divorce lawyer and is ready to assist you during this difficult moment in your life.

Domestic Violence Restraining Order Lawyer Napa County

If you are in need of a domestic violence restraining order in Napa County, it is critically important to obtain the guidance and counsel of a reputable lawyer, such as Jeremy Castro. Relatedly, if you are being falsely accused of domestic violence or child abuse by your spouse, it is equally important to retain the services of a knowledgeable Napa County lawyer.

Why should you hire a lawyer to either obtain a domestic violence restraining order, or defend yourself against abuse accusations? Because a finding of domestic violence can carry significant ramifications in other areas of family law. For example, a domestic violence restraining order can influence decisions concerning spousal support, child custody, attorney’s fees, and so forth.

Paternity Lawyer Napa County

Establishing paternity is critically important in family law. For example, establishing parentage is required before a Napa County court will grant visitation rights, custody right, and/or child support payments. Depending on your specific circumstances, it may be necessary to seek, or take, a paternity test to help establish parentage and obtain child support. Once parentage is established, you will also have a much easier time gaining access to medical records, government benefits, health insurance, etc. for your child.

If you are looking to establish parentage in Napa County, please be advised that the parentage laws in California are quite complex and routinely necessitate court orders, genetic testing, and the filing of various court documents. This is why it makes sense to sit down with a skilled and knowledgeable paternity lawyer in Napa County to get a better sense of your legal options.

Spousal Support Lawyer Napa County

The issue of spousal support in Napa County divorce proceedings can often lead to anger and disagreement. When addressing the issue of spousal support, it is important to understand that, under California law, a Napa County judge will typically analyze spousal support based on multiple factors. Those factors usually include the length of your marriage (e.g., the argument for spousal support is often stronger for a couple that was married for multiple years relative to a couple that was married for just a few years), your relative incomes (e.g., do you both work or was one spouse the “breadwinner” for the household?), and so forth. The complexity of this process is a major reason why it makes sense to have a knowledgeable family law attorney in Napa County there by your side to help you through the process.

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Parentage refers to who the court will recognize and impose parental obligations on as the child’s legal parent. In some cases, the law presumes that certain individuals are a child’s parents. In other cases, the parent (and in some cases, the child) must seek an order from the court that identifies the child’s legal parents.

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Paternity Law

The laws surrounding parentage in California are complex and routinely involve genetic testing, court orders, and an array of court forms. This is why it makes sense to retain the services of a skilled and knowledgeable Novato paternity lawyer to get a detailed assessment of your legal options. 

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