If you reside in Solano County and are looking for a competent and qualified Solano County lawyer to help with a particular family law matter, then you should consider hiring a attorney familiar with the Solano County area, particularly the Old Solano Courthouse and Superior Court of California.

Jeremy Castro exemplifies a skilled and effective family law attorney with a deep understanding of the Solano County legal system. Jeremy was educated at Golden Gate University (obtaining both his undergraduate and law degree at this prestigious educational institution). Jeremy also possesses direct experience providing legal assistance to clients in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Whatever family law issue you are struggling with, whether it be a custody dispute, divorce, alimony, etc. Jeremy is ready and able to help.

Adoption Lawyer Solano County

When deciding to adopt a child, it is important to take the necessary steps to complete the process correctly the first time. This is why it is important to have a seasoned adoption attorney by your side who can help with providing a general understanding of California’s complex and, oftentimes convoluted, adoption laws. Retaining the services of an adoption lawyer in Solano County can also help reduce any potential anxiety and stress associated with the adoption proceedings. They can also take some of the burden off your shoulders. For example, an adoption attorney in Solano County, like Jeremy Castro, can assist with drafting and filing the necessary paperwork and laying out the timeframe to complete the adoption process. Whether you are looking for assistance with a step-parent adoption, independent adoption, or other type of adoption, the Castro Law Offices can help.

Child Custody Lawyer Solano County

The  issue of child custody is typically one of the most contentious and challenging in a divorce proceeding. If you have questions about child custody laws in Solano County, Jeremy Castro is here to help. For example, Jeremy would likely advise that there are different forms of “custody” that need to be determined during a divorce proceeding. There is “physical” custody and “legal” custody.  concept of “custody”  and you keep an open mind about different custody arrangements that may be proposed during the divorce proceedings. Jeremy would also likely advise that issues pertaining to child custody can be negotiated directly between you and your spouse and do not need to be left to the whims of a Solano County judge. For example, you can attempt to negotiate and try to work out an amicable parenting arrangement that sets forth the terms of both legal custody and physical custody. To get additional information about your legal options, contact a seasoned and effective child custody attorney in Solano County like Jeremy Castro.

Child Support Lawyer Solano County

California Family Code Section 4053 sets forth the specific legal requirements related to child support in Solano County and elsewhere in the State of California. You should know that the child support laws in California are rather, shall we say, unique and vary widely when compared to support laws in other states. The complexities associated with child support laws in California are a major reason why it makes sense to have a seasoned Solano County family law attorney by your side helping you through the process. 

Divorce Attorney Solano County

The difficult decision to file for divorce is a life-altering moment often fraught with anxiety, uncertainty, frustration, and the lingering question, “what do I do now?” Going through the divorce process can also be emotionally draining and potentially overwhelming. This is why you should retain the services of an effective Solano County divorce attorney, like Jeremy Castro. Jeremy stands ready to help you make the right decisions with confidence and begin the next chapter of your life with much-needed peace of mind.

Domestic Violence Restraining Order Lawyer Solano County

If you are looking for information about how to file a request for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order in Solano County, the Castro Law Offices is here to help. It is important to note that someone seeking such an order is not required to present evidence that they suffered actual physical harm. Instead, they simply need to show that (i) someone abused or threatened to abuse them or their minor child; and (ii) the alleged abuser is an intimate partner or a first- or second-degree relative.

The specific conditions and terms of a domestic violence restraining order in Solano County will be defined within the order itself. The conditions often vary from case to case since they will be determined based on the factors unique to each case. However, all domestic violence restraining orders will include provisions preventing one party (i.e., the alleged abuser) from coming into contact with the alleged victim and their minor child, or children.

Paternity Lawyer Solano County

Establishing paternity means an individual will be formally identified as a child’s legal parent. Public policy in Solano County and elsewhere in the State of California favors the identification of two legal parents for a child. This is why California law provides multiple legal mechanisms for establishing the parentage of a child. For example, in California, you can establish parentage by obtaining an official parentage judgment or a court order that states the legal parents of the child. Also, when two parents are married when a child is born, there is a legal presumption that the husband is the father and the wife is the mother.


Spousal Support Lawyer Solano County

The issue of spousal support can often lead to acrimony and frustration during divorce proceedings. The spouse who may be ordered to pay support routinely feels like they should not have to pay or the amount of support ordered should be less. On the other hand, the spouse seeking support may feel like such support is completely justified, that it has been earned through years of marriage. This is why it is generally not surprising when the issue of spousal support becomes a point of contention. In California, a judge will usually analyze the issue of spousal support based on multiple factors, including the duration of the marriage, your relative incomes, and so forth. Because this process can be complicated, having a skilled and effective family law attorney in Solano County can help you decide how best to move forward.

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Family Law

Parentage refers to who the court will recognize and impose parental obligations on as the child’s legal parent. In some cases, the law presumes that certain individuals are a child’s parents. In other cases, the parent (and in some cases, the child) must seek an order from the court that identifies the child’s legal parents.

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Paternity Law

The laws surrounding parentage in California are complex and routinely involve genetic testing, court orders, and an array of court forms. This is why it makes sense to retain the services of a skilled and knowledgeable Novato paternity lawyer to get a detailed assessment of your legal options. 

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